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Hi, I'm Brandon.


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I've broken this page into sections to help you find the information that is most relevant for you. 




I'm a licensed mental health counselor (#10164) in Massachusetts. 


Since I'm licensed, you can trust that my education, pre-graduate training, and post-graduate training all meet the standard for practicing independently in the Commonwealth. 


It also means that I have passed a national examination assessing my clinical skills and decision making.




I've worked in a variety of settings and have served a variety of people. In terms of ages, I've worked with children, adolescents, and adults. In terms of type of therapy, I've done individual, family, and group therapy. And in terms of setting, I've worked in community agencies, in families' homes, in residential placements, and in a partial hospitalization program.


Basically, I have experience at nearly every point along the spectrum of mental health treatment in our state. 




In both education and practice, I have extensive experience working with trauma. More specifically, I completed a Trauma Studies Specialization as part of my Master's program. I've also gotten post-graduate training in specific trauma interventions. 




Life can be like a river. People often reach out to me once they've fallen in and need some help getting out. Helping people out of the river is fulfilling and important work. At the same time, I also like to help people learn how to swim and figure out ways to avoid falling in again in the future.  In other words, my practice of therapy focuses on intervention AND prevention. 

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